Helping tech founders deliver outstanding growth and create a lasting legacy. 

Digital Hunters Map of Growth

Digital Hunters celebrates the phenomenal success of high growth technology businesses and helps founders follow in their footsteps. Their mission is to help business founders build a company they will be proud of, create the wealth they deserve, and leave a lasting legacy.

Led by David Wicks, a passionate entrepreneur who has lived and breathed hands-on software engineering across the video entertainment, telecommunications, gaming and health sectors in successful start-up companies as well as in leading-edge multi-nationals. He helped one company grow revenue from £3.5m to £11.5m in just 12 months, and it was awarded a place in the prestigious Deloitte Technology Fast 50 for two consecutive years.

Most of the issues that hold start-ups back are actually internal, whether caused by business model, process or people, or being unable to pivot and adopt new approaches rapidly when required. The Map of Growth follows a structured methodology based on David’s experience of where the pitfalls lie, as well as how to find the tangible growth opportunities. The Map ensures that all of the relevant issues are addressed – and frees the business to grow successfully and rapidly by addressing four core domains: Foundations, Team, Product and Growth.

Essential to sustained success and growth, The Foundations of the start-up make sure the business vision is right and is adopted by the whole team. Ensuring the values and culture are working and are shared, and that the team is pumping on all cylinders. Validating that the leadership team is actually leading, that the business model supports the company, and that IPR has value and is protected. The Foundations must be able to evolve to support the changing needs of the business.

The Team is at the heart of the sustained success and growth of the business. The organisation will go through several iterations as it grows and as the start-up operationalises itself, but without losing that freedom to manoeuvre. The Team must be high performing, with no talent compromises. It must have deep expertise but be able to iterate rapidly with “good enough” quality. Trust within the Team and with customers is prerequisite to success.

The Product is the core deliverable of the start-up and must balance effort and time with flexibility and control. It must be able to pivot as market needs change, and ultimately be engineered for scale – but not too early, when it’s not ready - or too late, when resources become scarce.

Sustained Growth is the means to a lasting legacy.   Customer retention and repeat business are key.   The start-up needs continue supporting and retaining customers whilst selling existing solution to new customers.  When the market matures, competition grows and it becomes increasingly difficult to win new customers.  Growth is then driven by developing and selling new products to existing customers.  This includes identifying and exploiting any underlying market shifts. Market share is also increased through alliances, acquisitions and global expansion.

Digital Hunters can help you!

Digital Hunters always starts with an initial discovery meeting, at which David meets the Founder and key members of the team, and runs an exploratory workshop to diagnose the ambitions, needs and issues of the company. Out of this workshop, David will produce a concise Diagnosis and Requirements Report, in which he will specify if, and how, he can assist the start-up to achieve its objectives.

If the Founder decides to proceed, Digital Hunters will use its three phased iterative approach:


In-depth snapshot and analysis of the current situation and opportunities.


Define a plan and roadmap to take the business to where it needs to be.


Implement the plan and roadmap.


Validate and audit implementation and agree next steps.

To find out how Digital Hunters can help you achieve consistently fast growth, call us on 0208 0880 602, or email
If appropriate, we will run a no-obligation initial discovery workshop where we will diagnose your needs. If we can help – we’ll submit a proposal. If we can’t – well, you’ll have lost nothing, and will have had insight and input from one of the UK’s most successful start-up mentors.


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