Book your exclusive 1:1 Strategy Session with double winner of the Deloitte Fast 50, David Wicks

About the Session

Are you a tech entrepreneur who knows where you want to be in 3 years' time but keep hitting blockers?

Would you like to stand back, get perspective on your business and dive deeper into your growth strategies?

Double winner of the Deloitte Fast 50, David Wicks, has a limited number of 1:1 Strategy Sessions available.

About David Wicks

David Wicks has 26 years’ experience, steering tech businesses to significant growth, winning a place in the Deloitte Fast 50 twice, and VP R&D for a business that was acquired for $5B.

David brings a wealth of knowledge, guiding teams around the many pitfalls and on to phenomenally fast growth.  Whether working with individuals, teams or whole organisations, he is driven by a passion to empower others to reach their full potential. David’s mission is to help business founders build a company they will be proud of, create the wealth they deserve and leave a lasting legacy.

Helping tech founders and CTOs deliver outstanding growth and create a lasting legacy. 

"David came in and ran a tech strategy session for our team. It gave us an important chance to take stock - of both the good things we'd achieved and also some of the frustrations in our team. David also spent 1 on 1 time with each team member which really helped get a fully rounded view. This led us to a series of follow up projects to improve our process and team communication. It's been a very positive and effective experience."

Tim Boughton,   Co-Founder & CTO Mention Me

"We were lucky to be introduced to David by Startup Grind. David clearly has an in-depth understanding of the startup world, particularly the practice of hiring and building teams.  David asked some thought-provoking questions and we came out of his session with some fresh vigour and plenty of food for thought. Therefore I would recommend having a session with David if you're a startup in need of strategic advice."

Luke Shipley, Co-Founder Zinc

"When we initially discussed working together, David suggested we start with an offsite strategy session. This included all of our middle management and team leads and was a fantastic idea to hold it offsite and away from the day to day stresses associated with the office. Having David there was beneficial not only due to his advice, experience and expertise, it was also invaluable to have someone facilitating as it allowed all of us to fully engage and contribute including myself."

Chris James, CTO Gold-i

About the Map of Growth

Developed by David, the Map of Growth is a roadmap approach that helps accelerate growth and create sustainable success. Following a structured methodology based on experience, the Map shows not only where pitfalls lie but just how to find tangible growth opportunities.

By addressing four core domains: Foundations, Team, Product and Growth, this Map ensures that all relevant issues are addressed, thus releasing rapid business growth.

Each attendee will receive a signed copy of David's Book - Hunters in the Digital Age.