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When demand for your products and solutions accelerates, you have to grow your capability to deliver rapidly.  Your current success is in part due to your team but under pressure it is very easy to lose productivity rather than increase it.  We help you ensure the foundational elements are all in place for your Team, Processes and Products.


Very small high performing teams of top calibre engineers often develop their own processes.  Every team member is empowered to take responsibility and carry out urgent tasks when required. Full focus is on delivering quickly.  Lines of communication are short and mutual respect high, reducing the risk of duplication of effort.  

 The team grows, but if this behaviour continues without more structure, chaos can follow.  The challenge of supporting newcomers slows the team down and resentment builds.  The original team members close ranks keeping others at arms' length. The original work space is too small and the team is distributed across multiple rooms. An “us and them” attitude develops. Work is duplicated. Deadlines are missed unless ‘old hands’ step in and work extreme hours to make up lost time.  A hero culture emerges, work-life balance evaporates, key staff leave and productivity plateaus or plummets. 

Hiring new team members with the right skills and aptitudes is critical. Get this wrong and the whole team productivity suffers. Getting it right can be very time consuming and again team productivity is impacted. Sometimes, it is not possible to find the right skills in your location, which means having to develop skills in-house or find a trusted outsource partner.

A larger team usually requires additional leaders especially if it is spread across multiple work spaces. It is quickest and most effective to identify and develop these from within the existing team but we also help source leaders from outside. 

Digital Hunters has addressed these challenges for many businesses, enabling them to deliver on time to an increasing number of customers. We partner with you to hire the right people and build high performance teams.


The most effective processes vary with every team and are best developed iteratively by the team itself. Progress is most assured when these processes are repeatable and automated.  Delivering real value on time to customers is usually critical to success.  Time boxing and flexible scoping based on business value are very powerful disciplines.

Agile practices provide a proven framework, growing the team whilst maintaining empowerment of individuals.  Whilst these may have been followed from the start, they require careful scaling by experienced practitioners.  Agile coaches can sometimes assist but we find that this is best carried out from within the team.  

Digital Hunters can help build this capability for you, incrementally establishing the most effective practices tailored to the situation.


As your number of customers increases it becomes exponentially difficult to please everyone.  Custom solutions do not scale unless designed to share extensible core services and support effective customer personalisation.  ​

Scalable systems deliver services to customers rapidly for live events and over time as demand grows.  Customer experience is protected no matter what the load.  A key element is resilience through an approach that accepts individual systems can fail. When they do, the overall system compensates by providing back up services, thus protecting the customer.  

Capabilities are ideally built into the system design from day one.  Microservice and REST based architectures are usually the solution. Much can be achieved with Open Source technologies and the right level of support.

Digital Hunters can advise on new designs and review and recommend the way forward for existing designs.  

We help establish the right foundational capabilities through a proven cycle working with you and your team. This allows you to focus on the most critical changes first and continue with progressive improvements over a number of cycles.

A number of options are available depending on the level of support you require.  These range from individual leadership mentoring sessions to fully embedded team management. 


  • Checklist  This structures the analysis for each foundational area.
  • Workshop The analysis is best implemented with the key people who will implement the changes. Using a workshop setting, we facilitate this to enable the team to focus on what really matters and to produce key take-aways that justify your investment of time.
  • Gaps  We help you identify and document the areas requiring attention.


  • Actions and Priorities  Actions arise to deal with the gaps identified and are best generated and prioritised in the workshop. These can be documented and communicated more widely and form the basis of a recommendation with a range of options.
  • Plan If required, we can produce the plan to deliver these changes when the business requires them.


  • Mentor  If you have the time to implement the changes yourself, then we can support and mentor you at a monthly or quarterly review.
  • Coach  If you or the team can implement the changes with more frequent and detailed guidance and support then weekly to monthly coaching is probably the most appropriate.
  • Manage If you do not have the time or skills to make the high priority changes happen then we can provide management services by working closely with the team up to several days a week.

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