Video Services Surviving & Thriving in the Attention Economy

Oct 03

In this podcast, Nathalie, Pranav and David discuss the latest broadcast trends, market shifts and opportunities highlighted at IBC 2019.  Technology rich and time poor, consumer behaviour is changing rapidly with ever increasing competition for their attention.  Personalisation is still in its infancy with Data Science, Social Media, Communities, Storytelling and Smart Bundling holding the keys to success.

Nathalie Lethbridge is the Founder and Managing Director of Atonik Digital.  She is an international expert in content and commercial strategies for broadcasters, platforms, OTT, digital first and converged digital media offers

Pranav Soneji is one of the co-founders of LiveWire Sport, a digital agency working with sport’s biggest rightsholders, broadcasters and brands, transforming social and digital platforms to maximise engagement and commercial opportunities.