Innovation in the Digital Media World

The Digital Media Market Shift

Mass media is giving way to mass personalization and there's no going back. Significant questions remain as to where the digital media market is going, but really the only way to find out is to test the market frequently, quickly, and cheaply.

Incremental Innovation

Incremental innovation allows you to anticipate and exploit market shifts, to focus on the achievable and not chase perfection or too many ideas. In doing this, it controls costs and de-risks innovation.

Challenges and Secrets

Initiatives in product innovation fail for many reasons, including protracted time to market, inadequate data, inappropriate control, pressure,  disunity and continuous change. However, with the right approach each can be overcome.

The Design Sprint and Beyond

Design Sprint focuses on a prototype rather than building and launching a minimal viable product.  Months of work are compressed into just a few days. Once the concept is proven, the full cycle can begin with increased confidence and commitment.

The IDEA Method

The Digital Hunter's IDEA methodology takes businesses through four stages, Initiate, Deliver, build the Engine and Accelerate. If you want to build a capability within your team, we support this. If you just want it done, we'll do it.

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