Hunters in the Digital Age

Hunters in the Digital Age celebrates the success and phenomenal growth of the winners of the Deloitte UK Technology Fast 50. Over the 20 years that the award has been running the industry has seen an unprecedented increase in the adoption of digital technology and services.

In 1997, most web sites were no more than digital brochures available to desk top computers. Since the birth of the smart phone in 2007, the number of personal devices has grown to 2.3 Billion in a world populated by 7.6 Billion people.

Alan Turing defined his test for Artificial Intelligence (AI) in 1950. In June 2014, at the Royal Society London, the chatter bot Eugene Goostman convinced 33% of the judges that it was human. After decades of dreams and aspirations for AI, this is now coming of age with huge datasets, awesome computing power and the real-world application of machine learning algorithms. In the last 20 years. the World has truly entered the Digital Age.

Entrepreneurs have harnessed and evolved new technologies to create innovative products and services that are transforming our world. Some of the most successful, celebrated by the Deloitte Award, have seen staggering growth rates up to 1000x over four year periods. Hunters in the Digital Age is about the business founders and how they achieved this success with stories to inspire more to follow in their footsteps.

Successful businesses are often in the right place at the right time but not by chance. The founders have chosen a domain, hunted down the opportunities, focused their resources, changed direction when needed and delivered solutions successfully to rapidly increasing customer numbers. These founders are the Hunters in the Digital Age.

Each founder has taken their own path from a different starting point. They have explored and learnt along the way, not thinking about what they have done as right or wrong; just what works and what doesn’t. Hunters in the Digital Age presents the themes and variations that have led to their success. It shows how establishing the right foundational elements leads to building a world class team that produces the right products at the right times to sustain phenomenal growth.

To be published:  June 2018

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