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Surviving and Thriving in the Digital Media Age: Views from leaders of pathfinder businesses.
Before babies learn to reach, grab, sit-up or crawl, they begin exploring the world by turning their head to look. Vision[...]
Digital Media Innovation through Design Sprint
To survive and thrive in the emerging Digital Media World, businesses must adapt and evolve through continuous innovation.  A proven[...]
Surviving and Thriving in an emerging Digital Media World: 4 Secrets to Success
Initiatives in product innovation fail for many reasons: product and process development cycles run too long, causing teams to lose[...]
Surviving and Thriving in an emerging Digital Media World: 3 Classic Mistakes
As a leader of a media business, you are very aware that a massive market shift is now well underway. [...]
Mass media is giving way to mass personalisation and there is no going back.
In June and July 2007, two revolutionary products were unleashed on an unsuspecting world.  The launch of the iPhone and[...]
The solution is in everyone’s hands.
In a growing software business that is struggling to deliver, engineering must take corrective action. But what does the rest[...]
Slow is Smooth … Smooth is Fast
US Navy Seals understand that, in the heat of battle, speed is of the essence.  They also know that this[...]
Steer away from the hidden CUSP between Success and Failure.
In my last post, I described how a ‘black hole’ can consume a rapidly growing tech business. At the epicentre[...]
Is a black hole growing in your business?  
The tech company you founded has achieved the start-up dream.   It’s created a highly innovative solution attracting a stampede of[...]
Do you sometimes dream you could drive like Lewis Hamilton?
Do you sometimes dream you could drive like Lewis Hamilton?  Gas pedal to the floor, breaking late to overtake, hitting[...]
Delivering is the easy part, right?
Imagine a world where Amazon Prime took weeks to deliver, where the Premier League produced only a handful of goals[...]
Scaling at the right time
Like a pilot, the founder needs to complete pre-flight checks before accelerating down the runway to rapid growth.  Otherwise, when[...]
How do we Solve the Talent Crisis?
I recently had the pleasure of presenting a different approach to finding and attracting top tech talent at the TEDx[...]
Final Episode of the Digital Hunters Podcast Series 1 to air on 14th May with David Cobb, Deloitte Partner
The 12th and final episode of the first Digital Hunters Podcast series will feature David Cobb, Sponsoring Partner for the[...]
David will be speaking on how to recruit top talent at TEDx Coventry.
David is delighted that his presentation on how to address the tech talent crisis has been selected for TEDx Coventry[...]
Digital Hunters Podcast Series extended with GoCardless and Mighty Social
This successful podcast series is receiving great feedback and is now extended for two more insightful episodes with Hiroki Takeuchi,[...]
Digital Hunters Podcast is now available on iTunes
You can now hear the Digital Hunters Podcast Show direct from iTunes. Details are available here or just search for Digital[...]
Talk on how to recruit top talent is shortlisted for TEDx.
David's presentation on how to address the tech talent crisis is through to the second round selection for TEDx Coventry.
Digital Hunters website now live!
We're celebrating here at Digital Hunters as the web site is now live and ready for the podcast launch on[...]

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