David Wicks has 26 years’ experience of commercial software engineering across the video entertainment, telecommunications, gaming and health sectors in successful start-up companies as well as the leading-edge, multi-nationals News Corporation, Cisco and Sky Europe. Whilst Director of Development at OpenBet, revenue grew from £3.5m to £11.5m in just 12 months and the company was awarded a place in the Deloitte Technology Fast 50 for two consecutive years.

David brings a wealth of knowledge, steering teams around the many pitfalls and on to phenomenally fast growth. He is driven by a passion to empower others to reach their full potential. Whether working with individuals, teams or whole organisations, he believes there is much underutilised talent and potential in business that, given the right environment, can go on to flourish. David’s mission is to help business founders avoid burnout, build a company they will be proud of, create the wealth they deserve and leave a lasting legacy. 

If you're interested in discussing any aspect of Digital Hunters and what it takes to achieve consistently fast growth, do get in touch.  You can reach me on 07968 030844 or david@digitalhunters.co.uk.

David interviewed by Adam Stott, founder of Big Business Events.

David highlights the problem of long lead times to hire top engineers and get them up to speed.  He shares the proven approach that can cut these times in half.

David outlines how team workshops provide invaluable insight and establish team driven solutions to increase performance through the many step changes in growth.

David explains the importance of building a strong leadership team with delegated decision making and what to do when things go wrong.

David shares why the company vision needs to be understood by everyone in the business, if it is to perform to its full potential.

David explains how his first-hand experience, mistakes and learnings have led to unexpected and powerful solutions.